Secret to Fast Scales

The secret to playing fast scales or melodic lines is not based on strength or trying to play fast. It is about finding and eliminating tension. Check out this short lesson, then get my FREE e-Book, “Scale Workout Checklist” for a powerful practice method to master scales and fragments for improvisation.

S-L-O-W Practice

Here’s an interesting facet of slow practice: after you have a piece very well learned – say at 75-80% performance tempo – go back and do slow practice at around 25-40% tempo, from memory only. There’s this tempo at which, any faster and you’re fine…but slow it down a bit more and it feels completely foreign! It’s a powerful tool to challenge our rote muscle memory, and tests whether we really KNOW the piece or not. Make sure to keep all the lifts, rotations and gestures in proportion.

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